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Consider for a moment; if we lost financial freedom in our daily lives.

Freedom in commerce creates the liquidity and relationships that fuel every service and business in our daily lives. The interconnected world that surrounds us simply wouldn’t exist without. So why is this pillar of modern civilization allowed to slowly erode away?

Why does every service that promises to simplify the way money is spent and the way we interact with others, come with fine print? The terms we agree to, the signatures we place and the rights we sign away. For all modern commerce you must first agree to sacrifice your financial liberty, often unknowingly.

When did it become so obvious that we no longer had control of what we did with our money? We agree, the fact that you've lost your financial freedom, is unacceptable.

Wasn’t liberty in commerce what made commerce so indispensable?

The Vira Organization (that's us) recognizes that limits to commerce are a limit to human ingenuity.

Tasked with overhauling the defining sector of the 21st century, the Vira organization has streamlined the core components of the trillion dollar industry of worldwide commerce. Breaking it down into a decentralized framework anyone can use - with the click of a button. To allow anyone to build a financial or contractual relationship with anyone in the world, for anything and any reason.

Decentralized – without compromise, without giving up control of your money, without limiting your ingenuity.

Instead of merely presenting an “idea” like so many platforms do, let us show you how we’ve rewritten the role of a service to serve you and never the other way around. See first hand how Vira’s technology allows anyone to cut fees and limitations so sharply, to almost nothing. See how close we are to merging the convenience of digital transactions, with the ownership and fungibility of cash.

This is just the first leap. Our framework is carefully designed to allow effortless integration for any business. But most importantly; you don’t need technical knowledge or expertise to benefit from our platform as an early participant.

Vira connects the world, without a middleman.

With our goal of taking true decentralized commerce as far as possible, the Vira Organization is not just planning to revolutionize a single aspect of commerce; It’s looking to enhance all of it.

Just by removing the middleman, the transaction fees and commercial bloat – Vira finds value where it was once lost.

See how much you, and every visitor, lose to unnecessary service fees.

Vira finds value where it was once lost.

(Predicted savings across all visitors)

  • $
    Credit Fees
  • $
    Processing Fees
  • $
    Debit Fees
  • $
    Service Fees

Be the first, see what we've built.

We’re seeking active participants. Those interested in providing liquidity to the network will soon see a proposition only a truly decentralized service can offer.

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